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Disney Dragon

July 29, 2013

gesundheit_tagAbout a year ago Disney World was introducing a new attraction called Fantasy Land. I was commissioned to produce a series of “sketch” comics. Introducing the new Dragon and showing him in some situations where being a dragon made life a little interesting. It turned out to be a lot of fun. This is my favorite from the set.



Messing around

July 27, 2013

Really tired, trying to start running again. It’s rough with 30 extra lbs. Hahahaha oh whew woof…
Found this oldie as I was cleaning out the old HD. Thought I’d post it or it might disappear forever.












June 26, 2013

Trying to get back into drawing. I really miss it, but what a challenge after so long.















Ipad Augmented reality

October 30, 2012

Here’s another test of the Unity 3d Engine using the Vuforia AR package.

Simple model exported from Maya to Unity. The image I used for tracking was an expired gift card in my wallet. It worked fairly well considering the low amount of quality track points. I think it has a lot to do with the quality of the camera in the ipad 3.  I guess the next step is figurine out interactivity.
Stay tuned!

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Augmented Reality test- UNITY 3D / Vuforia IOS

July 18, 2012






A couple weeks ago I attended a meetup group for Unity enthusiasts. Unity is an essentially free 3D game engine (Licenses based on publishing platforms). It has a huge following in the indie community and a large amount of resources for learning. It plays incredibly well with most 3D applications, and if your already familiar with any major 3D program it’s pretty easy to step right into Unity and have the basic navigation down. Plus it publishes to pretty much every major platform (pc/mac desktop, web player/flash, IOS, android, 360, ps3)

Part of the presentation was given by a representative from Qualcom showing off a package they have built that effortlessly gets your Unity project into Augmented Reality mode.  It looked so easy I had to try it out once I got home.  It took a couple hours to download, install the software, license, and get setup as an ios developer so I could test on my phone.  But once everything was in place it really was drag and drop to get instant augmented reality on my iphone.

The Qualcomm AR package is an asset that you download and import into your unity project.  It contains scripts that set up your device as a 3d camera and tracks an image to determine the cameras location and orientation relative to the tracked image.   Qualcomm even has a free utility online where you can upload your tracking image, test it for tracking performance and then download it in a package thats ready to drop into Unity.

It’s tough to say just how excited I was when my little 3d model actually showed up on my iphone.   All my experiments have been really basic so far.  I’ve just been using elements that I have premade from maya that I have dropped into unity.

I think augmented reality is still a novelty product.  It’s definitely very cool, but I think theres still a lot of barriers to overcome before we see mass adoption in the smart phone/tablet market.

Unity LA Meetup Group:

Unity Game Engine :

Qualcomm AR for Unity (Vuforia):









I’be been trying to get back to digital painting while I wait for the new Wacom 22HD.  Did this on my old dusty Wacom for a quick exercise.


The Morge

I was going through an old hard drive and found some sheets from my old concept design portfolio.  I thought I’d post them up here since they will probably see the light of day anywhere else.


These first two are from a concept sic-fi space racer.  Think F-Zero+ Wipeout+Twisted Metal.  Some character and vehicle design exploration.

This page shows some exploration for a 3d puzzle game for the 360.  Some interface layout, and camera controls.  Maybe at some point this will get put back into production.

’09 Commercial Demo Reel

February 28, 2012

I’ve been having trouble with my vimeo links so I am posting my old reel here until I can get a new site and reel up.

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